“This report is much more than we expected. Our Foresight consultant did a brilliant job! This document will be exceedingly helpful to us."
Michael Boyd
Principal Investigator, ADT Pharma
“The report that I ordered gave me the information that I needed... Enough to decide to move forward with a patent filing!”
Lakita Cavin
“Useful and impressive… The [Technology Niche Analysis] report is concise, actionable, and full of insights and excellent contacts.”
Susan Amrose, PhD
UC Berkeley
"We just got a fundable score for our phase II application. Thank you again for all your hard work to help us with our commercialization plan!"
Narine Sarvazyan, PhD
George Washington University
“tremendously useful to us in the preparation of the commercialization plan for a phase II SBIR grant application”
Uwe Klein, PhD
Numerate, Inc.