Lianne Wong

Senior Consultant, B.S. Physics with Electrical Engineering, M.S. Learning Sciences/IT

Lianne applies her professional experience spanning corporate and education sectors to solve meaningful problems and address real world needs through research, design, and development. She brings experience in technology evaluation, patent research, and commercialization from NASA and Stanford University. She has worked as an engineer on cancer radiation therapy machines and conducted research in laser imaging of biological tissue to advance medical diagnostic methods at Varian and MIT. An avid reader with a passion for learning, she has also worked as an instructional designer at Google, redesigned and taught introductory engineering and robotics labs at a community college as part of a National Science Foundation STEM initiative and enjoys keeping abreast of emerging technologies and encouraging innovation to enable applicable products and solutions. Lianne earned a B.S. from MIT and a M.S. from Carnegie-Mellon University.