Our team of consultants perform over 600 assessments per year using Foresight’s proprietary methodology and reports to provide information and input relevant to specific technologies and markets. The chart below outlines the major steps in the market research and validation process for a technology. Foresight assessments are able to help you with these steps.

This chart shows the development process for a new technology, innovation or product and the decision points along the way.

Our methodology is described in The Art & Science of Technology Transfer (John Wiley & Sons, 2006), a best-selling textbook on technology transfer by our co-founder, Dr. Phyllis Speser.

The methodology allows for stage-by-stage analysis of each of the decision-making steps in the process. We can provide off-the-shelf standard report templates, or build a custom report format to give you the exact data and analysis you need.

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Sample Reports: