T2+2® – Technology Transfer, Tools & Training

T2+2® is a web-based service and resource for finding relevant market data and deal information across a number of sectors. T2+2® provides multiple datasets with a variety of critical information to enable you to assess your technology at a rapid pace. The databases contain over 6000 reports covering the breadth of science, engineering, and technology and all sectors of the global economy.

A subscription includes access to the following:

Searchable Data

  • Market information (size, drivers, barriers, regulations, competitors, etc.)
  • Royalty Rates and Deal Terms for technologies
  • Opinions from Experts/ End-Users on emerging markets and technologies
  • Potential investors and Licensees with contact information
  • New database on Global Gap Funding Opportunities


  • Multiple assessment templates to help you collect and analyze your own data
  • Customizable spreadsheets to help you calculate the potential royalty rates for a variety of technologies


Alongside these help files is an introductory course to IP commercialization and technology transfer to help train your staff or interns. Training section to help your office understand how to assess, market, and ultimate make your innovation profitable. This online training course includes mini-quizzes and videos.

Custom Report Credits

Your annual subscription also includes a number of credits to order custom reports catered to your needs! These reports will be based to your specific technology or market of interest to supplement what is available in T2+2®.


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